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Full Version: CC Mods and Midi Note Numbers
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So I think my issue is coming down to me not understanding midi as well as I should yet -I just know enough to be dangerous- but I wanted to verify here my problem:

What I was hoping to do
I have 16 pads for drums on my Launchpad pro which I would like to use to trigger the 16 pads for drums on my mc 707. (yes i have too much gear for my own good, let's dismiss that).
This almost works fine, but the numbers (cc numbers? midi note numbers?) don't all align perfectly. So it leaves four pads on my launchpad that are unresponsive.
I thought "oh good thing I have an mrcc, I can just map those pads to their corresponding ones on the mc707!). This did not work.

even though I see the corresponding numbers show up in the mrcc midi monitor, I think I am now understanding that these are 'midi note' numbers and not exactly 'cc messages/numbers'. 
and therefore the cc modifier will not map these midi notes. 
Is that true? Am I now understanding that correctly?

to be clear - I have successfully mapped a mod pedal elsewhere to the filter cutoff on my volca keys, which is very cool, very happy for the mrcc for that, so I know mapping cc values can be done in that regard.

Is there another workaround I could use with the mrcc to change those midi notes/numbers? It seems 'note mapping' is not quite that from what I can tell, at least not for my needs anyway.

thanks in advance! I hope this is enough info to at least see the problem, but I can specify more if needed.
That is correct, the CC mapper only works with MIDI Constant Control Messages or CCs. It may or may not be true that the data being sent is a CC though. I think the Launchpad Pro is capable of sending MIDI note data, since it has scale modes, but I don't know if its possible to create custom templates or not, which would likely be required for making a 16 pad drum controller. scratch that, a quick google search seems to indicate it's possible. It sounds like you can set up multiple custom user modes.

From the website:
"To set up your Custom Modes, you’ll need to connect your Launchpad via USB to your computer, then navigate to Novation Components.

Select your Launchpad from the home screen of the Components hub page, then select Create Custom Mode. Here you can drag and drop widgets onto the on-screen Launchpad, and arrange them to tailor your Custom Mode layout. Widgets are ready-made sets of pads that make it possible to create your own custom modes in no time. Widgets include drum grids, chromatic or scaled keyboards, virtual faders, and more. Each widget has it's own settings page where you can customise everything to suit your personal setup. You can easily create shortcuts to your favourite patches on the grid with Program Changes, or set faders' CC numbers and MIDI channels to control parameters on your hardware synths. Drum grids can be configured to address exactly the range of MIDI notes you wish, and CC buttons can be set up with momentary, toggle, or trigger behaviour, so you can design almost any conceivable layout to control your MIDI-compatible gear, in the studio or on stage."

Now you will probably want that drum grid, and you'll need to look up the "MIDI implementation of the MC707 to find what the MIDI note numbers are for the 16 drums and put those in the order you want them in the grid with the editor.

Of course I don't have either device so I'm just giving you a "best guess" here, but it seems like it should work out.
Here is the link to the page I was referencing:
Thank you Jesse! that confirms my best guess at what is happening.
I'll try using the custom grid on the launchpad, if only it would work with the sequencer! but that's a another issue for another forum altogether.