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Full Version: Sync with MPC One host
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I'm a newb/dimwit, so please bare with...

My MPC One is connected to [MRCC] PC and provides the master clock. (MRCC f/w v1.1.073)

When I plug my NDLR, RD-8 mkii, SQ-1 direct into the MPC One, I can assign Sync to them individually (see image)
When the devices are plugged into the MRCC , the MPC can't see them (even though routing is enabled) - I just get MRCC MIDI 1-12.
Is there any way to allow the MPC to recognize and display the connected devices via the MRCC?
Also, the RD-8 starts and stops fine, but not the SQ-1. The NDLR starts after a stutter but also puts out midi clock (red triangle) even though I changed internal clock to USB1.

Sorry, another question... my VK-8 organ module listens on 3 midi channels (DIN), can I filter channels 2 & 13 and just allow channel 16 to reach it?

Thanks for any guidance
If you are asking if you can get the MPC to display NDLR for instance instead of MRCC2 when the NDLR is connected to Port2, the answer is unfortunately no. There isn't anything set up to manage port labeling at that level and it would likely not be something that we could count on working perfectly on every system, so it's unlikely to be something we'll look at pursuing.

With the VK-8, you can set up a Ch Mod to block channels 2 and 13, there isn't a specific filter per channel, you can map the channels that you don't want passing to channels that you don't care about, so for instance here we care about 16, and don't want 2 and 13, so we could set 2 to map to 1, 13 to map to 12, and leave the other options alone, place that Mod in the routing and it should only pass ch 16 or any channel we don't care about.

The other option is to pick 3 channels we don't care about and pass them:
then add
and set the exclusive to Yes. This makes it so that any channels not mentioned are blocked. One of those options should do the trick, but let me know if you run into any trouble.