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Full Version: USB Midi cable?
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I tried searching and can't believe I can't find an answer.  if I want more 5 pin connections is there a compatible midi to usb cable I can use so I can take advantage of some of the usb ins/outs that as of right now I don't have much of a use for.

edit:  found a roland um-one so I guess I can try that and see what happens.

edit:  works great as far as I can tell.  So now my question is are there some cheaper alternatives as I would like to buy a fair number of these.  I have 2 MRCCs
Strange I could have sworn I edited my post with a test. I tested a roland um-one mk2 and it worked great. So now my question is are there any cheaper alternatives that work as well or should I buy a bunch of the roland one?

edit: added this to the thread about usb compatibility
Thanks for the data! This type of info is helpful!