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Full Version: MIDI Control of Pad Strum & Range not working?
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I've controlling Pad Position, Strum, Range, and Spread with 4 external encoders over MIDI.

Pad Position and Spread work AOK (CC 28 & 31). Strum and Range (CC 29 & 30) seem to do nothing over MIDI, although they work AOK from the encoders on the NDLR.

Maybe this is a know issue? A bug? Or something I screwed up at my end, for which I will surely be flogging myself (with a wet noodle?)
I'm hundreds of miles from my studio and NDLR so I can't test it directly, but I have used external programming of Range before and it works. Never programmed Strum externally, though.
I'll see if I can give this a try in the morning and report back. What fw version are you currently using?
(05-25-2023, 09:27 PM)Jesse Johannesen Wrote: [ -> ]I'll see if I can give this a try in the morning and report back. What fw version are you currently using?

I was able to confirm that both CC29 and 30 modulate parameters on the NDLR in the FW ver. 1.1.079. We must be dealing with another issue, what is the MIDI source in this case?
I owe you a beer. Or a trip to Tahiti. This is Blush pretty embarrassing ...

I use the same route in Cantabile for all my MIDI Control devices ... in this rig: two Faderfox EC4's, the top half of an Arturia MiniLab Mk2, a Novation Mini Mk3, and a KMI SoftStep2. These devices usually don't interfere because they report on separate MIDI channels ... and there is little need to filter at the Cantabile route level. However. in this case, CC 29-30 were explicitly being filtered out in a HACK because (as it says in the comments of the filter that I dutifully entered when I established this  ...):

These two CC come from the SoftStep Y-axis buttons - used to get two values onto one button (top and bottom).
The CC comes in and we change it to a Note for the NDLR in bindings in this rack.
We need to also DELETE the CC here, so it does not pass through to the NDLR.

Oh well, I'm glad it wasn't something more complicated! Anyway, I'm glad to be able to help troubleshoot. Let me know if you need anything else.