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Full Version: External tempo,start/stop source + keeping tempo when stopped
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Thank you for MRCC Video Course! It may be missed, but I recommend to watch it - it makes everything more clear.

I have question regarding (my new) knowledge about tempo and arturia devices (just watched #17). I use KSP as main clock source - it’s easiest and fastest way to change tempo. And it’s right, when I stop KPS sequencer, it stops sending tempo signals. I also use MRCC to send tempo and start/stop for few other machines.
Internal MRCC clock may send it all the time, but it’s based on internal clock only (correct me if i’m wrong). It is possible to use external clock source (KSP), but when it’s stopped, MRCC will keep sending tempo?

Thanks again for very useful videos.
Is it possible? Or should be moved to wishlist?
I'm interested in how the MRCC integrates clock signals, too. Having the internal clock follow a controller, and pass that element along or reclocking it to other attached devices, even ones not part of the controller route, could be handy.
The MRCC internal clock is completely independent of any external MIDI clock sources at this time. I would love to see this change but it's not something that I have seen Steve get excited about and that is usually the metric for whether or not a change occurs. I have added this to the list of FW feature requests however, so the possibility exists that we may see it. In the mean time maybe reach out to Arturia and see if they'll add a feature in the MIDI control mananger for the KSP to add a checkbox to select whether to stop clock on stop or not?
Does MRCC do Song Position Pointer (SPP)?
I'm almost positive that it does not do SPP, but will follow up if I am wrong. I can ask today.