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Full Version: My Gripes with the MRCC + NDLR
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The first annoying thing is if I disconnect my Laptop from the MRCC, I need to disconnect the cable from the MRCC and plug it in again after my laptop is plugged in

The second annoying thing is when the device just freezes and you have to reset the whole thing 

The third is the fact there is no software editor, its impossible to use the device in rack mount with cables flowing out and so many issues where things just dont work

My fourth is since the new firmware my USB Implementation is even worse than before, and now i've got a situation where Midi comes in but doesn't route to any of my synths, but it deffo comes in through the USB as Ableton shows it. Even my NDLR implementation was such a pain to record via USB, i had to connect via midi to the synth device and then run that through usb to my laptop

My fifth is i feel like the support is very lacking for a product with so many issues, and even the videos online, i could swear for items like the NDLR, the hardware is different 

The whole experience is just really frustrating and at this point i'm open to suggestions for other devices 

Midi to midi is most like a positive experience, but the minute USBs are involvedd, biggest headache ever
Hey I'm sorry you are having trouble with MRCC. I didn't see any requests from you for support for these issues, but regardless, it might be better to work with us 1:1, so send an email to and we'll see if we can work through them together. However, some thing like the lack of software editor isn't going to change, so maybe a different product would be more appropriate for your situation. I know you're familiar with the MIOXL, that one does offer software editing.
One other thing I did - I dedicated one output on my computer interface and connected it to the 1/4" clock input of the E-RM. So if I'm using the computer to record/play, I see the E-RM to use external sync. If the computer is off, I set the E-RM to internal.

That way I never need to recable or worry about sync stuff. One quick menu change and everything is always in sync
appreciate the replies 

Effectively I stopped trying to use USB with the MRCC and a lot of my issues disappeared

I was fortunate to get a fantom FA08 for cheap which has 16 midi channels instantly, so I have been sending midi out the laptop to the fantom through a direct usb connection - routed by the MRCC to all the ports and external hardware.

MIDI to MIDI it works like a dream, and it hasn't missed a beat. Fantom was also one of the best purchases I never knew I needed.

Now my sanity has returned, I'll try to tackle all my USB problems with support. I guess I can live without software if the performance is stable 

PS. The new instructional series on youtube is amazing, as much as the device is common sense, it just helps second guessing when things don't go to plan