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Full Version: as many virtual outputs on usb hosts as inputs
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Hello all.

I just got my new MRCC today, and I'm returning it right away, because of the 3 things I needed it for, it only does one: merger/splitter. When the other two are supported, I'll probably purchase one again.

Since there are two features I'd like to discuss, I'll discuss one here, and the other in another thread.

Here we go: USB host connections have 4 virtual input cables, which is great, but only one output cable. That is a pity, because I'd like to connect the 4x4 MIDI interfaces I already own as expanders - not only for the distance, but also to increase the amount of 5-pin DINs. I have a big studio, and I need a lot. And I'd rather not buy a second MRCC. I know Conductive Labs provides their own expanders, but their choice is too limited: I'd have to choose between more inputs or more outputs, and I'd like both. Plus, you cannot connect 4 expanders. Plus, I already have MIDI interfaces that could/should do it.

It's too bad. The unit seems very well built and thought out. The interface is amazing. Maybe future versions will meet my needs. We'll see.
Well we're sorry to hear that MRCC doesn't fit the bill for your use case. I understand the interest in having more USB Host outs but really we only included 4 inputs because the NDLR has 4 outs and thought it would be a good idea, (if a rather edge use case) to be able to accommodate that functionality. I can say with some degree of confidence that this functionality is not likely to expand. Sorry about that.

Now in terms of expanders, we do have the Remote 7, but also the 4x1 expanders now which enable DIN breakout of the 4 ins and 1 out of the MRCC, and more than one can be used at one time. That doesn't sound like it will solve your issue though, unfortunately.