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Full Version: MRCC with Morningstar Editor
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I have my Morningstar MC8 plugged into the MRCC via USB. I am able to successfully route MIDI messages from the MC8 to my iPad/PC. However, I am yet to figure out how to use the Morningstar Editor setup this way. If I connect the MC8 to my iPad/PC directly it works just fine. Since Morningstar Editor uses MIDI to interface with the MC8 itself, I would imagine I could get this to work, but I must be missing something.
I haven't seen one of these before, but if it is compatible with the MIDI host ports, and is programmable over USB MIDI rather then USB serial, then it may well work. If it has to be a serial USB connection, it will not. I think the IPad can make a serial USB connection with class complaint devices, so getting it working with the IPad won't tell us if it works for MRCC. To test it you'll need to connect the IPad via the PC port with a camera adaptor, and then connect the MC3 to the USB host port and route the ports together and give it a shot.
This is what I have done and I cannot get Morningstar Editor to work. If anyone out there has, please let me know!
You might try sending an email to the Morningstar folks and ask them if the editor requires a serial connection or it can be done over a USB MIDI only connection. Also is it sending CCs or SysEx messages. That may have some impact on things.
I'm getting a Morningstar shortly, so I might be able to help debug the issues