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Full Version: Connecting Ableton LIVE
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Hi Im new to MRCC.
I want to control external midi from my Ableton LIVE.

I have connected a MacBook to USBPC port and the port lamp above is turning blue.
I open the midi setting on LIVE and there are no indication for MRCC.

I also opened the midi/audio setting on Mac. The module image of the MRCC on the midi setting is turned gray.

Any thoughts on this?
I don't have access to a Mac and my experience is pretty limited on the subject, but it appears that the MIDI Audio settings page is not seeing the device. It seems like the first thing I would try to do is see if it is possible to delete the device and reconnect it? Does any info on the device become available from opening the context menu for the device (whatever the Mac equivalent is to right click on a PC)? I'll call my buddy with a Mac and see if he can give me any suggestions.
Talk soon
Thank u so much! I turned off my MRCC a couple times and my Mac finally recognized the device. Im resetting the routing and starting over again but so far LIVE recognizes the MRCC as well.
Thank you for your help.
I am getting a Mac in the mail this week so hopefully I will be able to solve some of these issues with a little more precision going forward, glad to hear that you were successful with it!