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Full Version: Arcane pickiness
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The recent forum redesign looks nice, but the nitpicky side of me wouldn't mind a little tweak, if it's not too much trouble.  I liked how before, the "Home" link above would open a new tab of the main web site.  Now, it goes to the forum start page, which makes sense, and there is a link below to "Conductive Labs LLC" which does still go to the main page, but stays in the same tab, which makes cross-referencing things slightly less convenient.  It would be nice to have another link at the top to "CL Web Site" or something like that to open in a new tab.  Oh, and I see there you have a couple of new products coming soon...very exciting!
I'll take a look at that.. I think the theme changed the link from the website to the forum home, it was not an intentional change.