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Full Version: Hydrasynth Deluxe as controller through MRCC questions please
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Hi there!  I am a new Hydrasynth deluxe owner, former HS desktop owner.  Hoping to hear from someone here with real HS deluxe or HS Keys experience.

I have a bunch of knob per function analog modules I use too and would love the deluxe to be my main controller.  I am not fond of null patches, fiddling with settings/volumes, changing midi, etc.  

I am considering an MRCC.  The thought is to route midi TX to IN from the HS keybed on the MRCC and then have a flexible out as to where to send midi via all my other destinations.  This would work, and it seems as if I can also turn off local on the HS deluxe and make it's IN ad RX#3 a destination I can switch to on the MRCC.  I mocked this up with my keystep and I was able to control the HS from the keystep while the keybed of the HS controlled a roland module.  My question:  If I do this, and essentially break the local connection internally, and map it through Midi RX/TX through the MRCC,will all other HS functions work, like MPE, ribbon, poly aftertouch etc? 

Thank you!  This thing looks like the answer to all my challenges so I have fingers crossed and one in my cart!
I think you should be good. The ASM Hydra is listed as reported working with USB MIDI, the MRCC supports MPE and poly aftertouch, also I've seen this type of setup employed on the Novation Summit successfully with the MRCC as the hub.
i don't think there is an easy way to do MPE splits at this point so if that is important then it's best to be aware of that, but otherwise nothing stands out as questionable to me.
Great thanks! I asked the same question of ASH, and the engineer has a MRCC too, and is going to test for me. Much appreciated, will report back on what he says and how I fare!
i have the newer explorer, and everything has worked splendidly through usb on the mrcc. I should issue the disclaimer that i haven't used the hydra heavily yet, being distracted by some other synths that have come in. though a pretty unscientific conclusion, my experience thus far is that i usually know pretty immediately that a device doesn't work through the mrcc usb ports. but yeah - i'd say that if the ASH engineer uses a hydra pretty successfully with the mrcc, you're almost certainly good.
I 've owned a HS Deluxe for a year now, and making a dawless setup these last days (weeks), so I bought the MRCC. I want to use the HS as a master keyboard but i'm struggling quite a bit, since I don't want to dive in and change the Midi Tx every time. I think I'm missing something here because this would seem to be an easy fix - TX- is 1, and let the MRCC convert it to another channel when i need to. But then i would have to load a different preset too on the MRCC?
I've been looking for a hardware solution as well : a 4x4 button matrix with one 5-pin midi in and one 5-pin midi out and i could program the buttons to convert the incoming midi to one of the 16 buttons. This way with the touch of a button it can change the synth i need to be playing, while other synths can be sequenced with various stuff (NDLR - Keystep Pro - Deluge)
Appreciate your ideas!