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Full Version: MRCC USB Host Port - Intellijel Metropolix
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One for the compatibility list, the new Intellijel Metropolix firmware 1.4 which now provides a MIDI out over USB works, no problems on the MRCC host ports. 

Whilst I am here, as others have already said the OXI one is not working over USB.
Thanks Mick I'll add those to my list.
To clarify - when OXI One is connected via USB, it receives transport information, but no any signal is sent from OXI to MRCC. This situations seems to be similar to SQ64, which may mean there is second stream (?) via usb from controller, which is not supported by MRCC.
I'm thinking that we had an OXI One in the lab... If it's the device I am thinking of we may have been working with the designer to get things to work, do you know for sure if it's fw is up to date? I will ask Darryl and Steve, as I could be wrong.