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Full Version: NDLR sold out everywhere!!
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Hello guys,
The NDLR looks pretty fun!
Unfortunately, it seemsĀ impossible to buy. All the places that I found are sold out.
For now, I''m checking Reverb if I can found an used one but no luck so far.

Does someone know a place where I can order it? (preferably in the United States)
When can I expect to to see stocks back ?
Just stumbled into NDLR in last week or so. I'm in the same boat, I'm really excited to purchase one, but can't find them anywhere either. Hopefully someone knows of a cache of NOS or Refurbished items somewhere for sale , or an ETA on next batch ?

Looks cool. Bummed I always seem a to be a few days, or weeks behind on availability of stuff. Just my luck lately.

Thanks in advance,
Yeah, thank you for your interest! It's true we've run into a parts shortage and the replacements are backordered for at least a year from the factory. We will be on the hunt for more in the mean time but that may or may not pan out before stock is available to order direct. In the mean time keep an eye out on Reverb and maybe even make a post here that you would like to buy one and see if anyone has one they want to sell. I also see them from time to time come up on Reddit in the synths4sale sub, but my advice is to only use paypal when buying from private owners and be sure to use goods and services.
One just popped up on the Mod Wiggler forum (US seller)
The distributors have been saying we could potentially see the MCU go back in stock in May 2022, but we'll have to wait and see. If we got the parts in May, we could potentially have NDLRs in the warehouse by end of August.