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Full Version: MIDI CC control question
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Question for Steve -- in the MIDI spec, there's 3 CCs listed for dealing with the NDLR status/settings - 
CC 15, 16, and 17

Using 15 and 16 to set the port and channel for status, is that supposed to change the NDLR status channel as seen in Settings page 1 or is this trio of CCs only temporary to handle receipt of the CC 17 output?

In other words - if I send CC 16 and specify a channel of 7, does all subsequent NDLR status messages need to come in on channel 7 to be recognized?

I think it's the second option. From what I remember it's kind of like the process unlock key maneuver, by sending 15 and 16 you enable 17 to receive. I'll ask Steve to confirm though.