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Full Version: from keyboard (midi in A on ndlr) to midi synths on A and B out
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can't seem a way to have my controller go in on one input midi (a) and broadcast out on both A and B out. tried everything seems to be hard set. any way to do it? need to get a midi splitter and do it manually with cable if not which seems silly.
more info. so like if you put the midi IN into A-IN then it outs to only A-OUT. If you then change it to B-IN it only outs to B-OUT midi. Found this out by switching my keyboard -> ndlr midi cable from A-IN to B-IN.

Turns out this is by design, but frustrating. Found out theres actually a manual for this thing. 

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[Image: attachment.php?aid=208]
We did it this way because we knew we wouldn't be able to accommodate every use case with the limited space we had for a menu system, so rather than have it flexible to configure, we would configure it in a way that is flexible for use cases. if you want to pass MIDI start stop messages use MIDI B in and they pass downstream, if you want to block those use MIDI A. No matter how we approach it though, it isn't going to be the best for everybody unfortunately and we are sorry about that.