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Full Version: Is this NDLR legit? Guarantee?
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I found a used NDLR on the swedish market, how can i check if it is legit? Can I check if there still is guarantee? I have the S/N.

Need a


Hi Spets, the main difference between generations is, the old NDLRs have smooth turning encoders. The new ones have detented (clicky) encoders. The new ones also have our Y guy logo on the knobs. Other than that, there's no wrong choice :-) If something is wrong with it, let us know. Repairing The NDLR is pretty simple, and except for the processor IC, the parts are readily available.

This Ndlr has the Y guy logo. So i should not feel any worries buying it used if everything looks and feels right? Im going to have so much Fun with it.
Yeah you should be good! Have fun and let us know if you need anything. The community in the forum is pretty helpful too, so don't be shy about asking for help.